Aviation Shared

‘Aviation Shared’ is my way of making accessible some of the material that I have accrued over the years to a wider audience.

About Me

Leonardo De Vinci is quoted as saying that, “Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward; for there you have been and there you will always long to return.”

Ade PitmanThis is surely so of myself; having first flown as a passenger in a Nimrod during my days serving in the Royal Air Force.  My life at the time was entwined with aircraft, working as I did as an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer. It was no surprise then that my hobbies have included making model aircraft and flying flight simulators; and so it continues.

My first exposure to aircraft was at the age of seven, when my parents took me to visit the (now closed) Torbay Aircraft Museum. I litterally had to be dragged from the aircraft at the end of the day. Nothing has changed there.

It was several years later when I first became airborne; serving as I was by then as an Engineer in the Royal Air Force.

I can still remember the feeling as we broke through the clouds and rain of a Cornish winter, to the sunshine and wonder that lay above those puffy white clouds. I was hooked…..

I first flew an aircraft at RAF Bruggen in 1992; where as a member of the Station’s Glider Club, I was a student pilot flying gliders.  Posted back to the UK in 2001, I once again flew. This time as an Air Experience in a Piper PA-38 from Cardiff Airport.

My love of aircraft and flying continued unabated, and ultimately I became a University Lecturer at the University of South Wales, teaching Aircraft Maintenance Engineering and the Theory of Flight at both EASA and Degree ( MSc) levels.  No closer however, was I to actually returning once more to the skies.

Until, that is; my partner Kerry kick started my flying lessons by presenting me with a voucher for five hours training, accompanied with her blessing to continue should I wish.  Following 85 hours of training I passed my Skills Test and became a licensed Pilot.

I now have over 100 hours of flying under my belt, and love it.

This site is a celebration of that love.

Should you wish to contact me, you can email me at aderoaming@gmail.com


Ade Pitman